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Who Is This Course For?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn about independent film production, the role of a producer, and what you need to get the job done. I will give you the tools, tips, and theory that you'll need to confidently produce your project and tell your creative story. No formal education is needed, only passion. No more waiting... LET'S GET IT DONE!

What Will You Learn?

This course helps aspiring independent filmmakers learn all the key information, tips and tools to start preparing for your production, today!

  • A firm understanding of the role of a producer on an independent film project.

  • Actual tools used by producers to maintain a successful shoot.

  • The difference between working with union vs. non-union cast & crew.

  • Gain location scouting tips of the trade.

  • The differences between (and the importance of) the 3 stages of production; pre-production, production, and post-production.

What Are Students Saying?

See what attendees from the Black Filmmakers Summit had to say about this course.

  • Jynnette L.

    " I LOVED this (course)! Thank you so much. I'm actually going to be shooting my first short film in December and the outline of the process was helpful to get my head wrapped around everything. I'm pretty solid on what most of the steps were but there were details and explanations in this video that were new to me and much appreciated."

  • Michael P.

    "The information you provided was priceless. Some of the information I have heard of and use, but there was a lot of information I'd never heard of -- I'm not a traditional film student. You took the time to deliver the information in progressive steps moving from each phase of production; in addition, you added the forms and tips to accompany what you're teaching. Thank you so much for the knowledge and wisdom you gave."

  • Gatwiri M.

    "You provided loads of useful information. I can tell you’re organized and thorough based on your presentation!"

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Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • What's In This Course
    • Welcome To Production 101
  • 2
    Independent Production Budgets
    • Independent Production Budgets
    • Independent Production Budgets
  • 3
    Finding Funding
    • Show Me The Money!
    • Finding Funding
  • 4
    Film Budget & Schedule
    • Budget & Schedule
    • Film Budget & Schedule
  • 5
    Cast & Crew Up!
    • Cast & Crew Up!
    • SAG-Indie
    • Cast & Crew Up
  • 6
    Paperwork & Permits
    • Paperwork & Permits
    • Paperwork & Permits
  • 7
    Location. Location. Location.
    • Location Scouting
    • Location. Location. Location.
  • 8
    Pre-Production Prep Tools
    • Pre-Production Prep Tools
    • Pre-Production
    • Exercise 1: Download a free script from this link and practice filling out a Script Breakdown for a single scene
  • 9
    Production Day Tips
    • Action!
    • Production Day
  • 10
    • Post-Production
    • Post-Production
Watch Intro Video

IndieCapitol Ep4: A Conversation with Lori Nelson Lee

Lori talks about the creative process, film festivals, wearing her "Producer" hat, and more.


  • Lori Nelson Lee

    Author | Filmmaker | Producer

    Lori Nelson Lee

    Lori prides herself in providing meticulous production on all her projects. Her short films have won several awards in the film festival circuit and can now be viewed on Amazon Prime. In addition to films, Lori has also produced and executive produced a web series and podcast, which included appearances by Hip-Hop Artists, Grammy-Nominated Producers, Hollywood actors, and more. Recognizing that at the heart of a good production is a well written story, Lori is also a passionate screenplay and children's book writer. Her gift for storytelling led to a spot as a finalist in a Nickelodeon writing competition. Having a decade of experience producing content under her belt, Lori Nelson Lee knows what it takes to successfully organize an independent production on an independent budget. This online course, Production 101: For Aspiring Independent Filmmakers is filled with key information to get you started on the right path to a successful production. To read Lori's full bio, visit www.LLEFTENT.com

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